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State of Cyber Security: It’s Way Worse Than You Think

By Curtis KS Levinson CDP, CISSP-CAP, MBCP, CCSK Director of Cyber Security Consulting   So, what does it take for the cyberworld to end? Cyber-attack, electric grid failure, EMP attack? Exactly how dependent are we on technology and, especially…

Bangor Daily News: Lawmakers applaud study that says Maine could add 2 casinos, increase state gaming revenues

By Christopher Cousins, BDN Staff The fight over how many casinos can operate successfully in Maine could be entering its final round with the completion of a study that recommends where gaming facilities could survive in Maine and — more…

NJTV: WhiteSand Gaming CEO Discusses Revel Closure’s Effects on Businesses

By Michael HillCorrespondent NJTVVideo Report: Hossain serves food at Revel Resorts. He wonders how he would support his family if Revel closes Sept. 10.“It’s very…