Casino Resort Design and Development – Budgets and Timelines

The global proliferation of gaming continues in both mature markets and new jurisdictions.  As this election season reminds us, many locales are still considering opening up new markets or expanding existing markets for casino development.  These markets, both old and new, all have one thing in common – they are all very competitive.

Building a new casino resort today requires a keen attention to detail and a project budget that can absorb elasticity in the market, whether it be an economic downturn or additional competition within or near the market.  This requires the development of a casino resort that isn’t burdened with debt, is efficient, and of course appealing to customers.  Designing a facility that is profitable and efficient requires a great deal of research and design, but also requires a discipline to control construction costs and timelines.  Every day a casino resort misses a scheduled opening date means a delay in generating revenue and profits – hundreds of thousands or possibly millions of dollars.

WhiteSand Gaming has been an important partner in the design, development, and opening of over 30 casinos around the globe.  We support operational designs, organizational development, licensing and compliance, technology applications, food & beverage, and non-gaming amenities.

WhiteSand Gaming has partnered with Ben Mammina Development Group (BMDG) to deliver a comprehensive development services offering.  BMDG has supported the design and development of some of the world’s premier gaming companies including tribal casinos, MGM Resorts and Caesars Entertainment.  With a focus on managing change orders and costs, and the administration of timelines and reporting, BMDG has helped clients successfully complete development projects in budget and on time.

Together, we use a formal approach to the design, development, and organization of new casino resorts.  This includes research, budgeting, financing options, and construction project management as an owner’s representative.  WhiteSand and BMDG can engage with clients at any stage of development – from conception through opening.  We work closely with our clients to create a vision that has broad appeal to a wide range of customer segments.  Together, we work with architects and construction companies to ensure a casino resort is functional, cost-effective, and provides appropriate gaming and non-gaming entertainment for customers.

For more information about WhiteSand and BMDG’s development services please contact Sal Scheri at or Ben Mammina at