Casino Pre-Opening Technology Planning

Multi-property casino resort operator


This casino company’s leadership had substantial expectations for its new mega-casino development effort. They believed that technology would deliver the leverage needed to create a truly world-class resort property supported by efficient, effective and mature value delivering processes. To achieve this goal they needed a seasoned IT team with a proven record of success in opening billion dollar plus casino resorts. They needed a team for the opening, but not for continuing operations, that could bring innovation, expertise, and the commitment that requires long hours for a successful opening.


To deliver the identify, select, implement, and test the desired technology solutions, WhiteSand assembled a team of casino opening experts experienced in all aspects of the technologies needed for the effort including:

  • Infrastructure
  • Audio Video
  • Signage
  • Communications
  • Casino Management
  • Hotel / Property Management
  • Restaurant Management
  • Retail Point-of-Sale
  • Spa Management
  • Marketing
  • Financial
  • Social Media

In addition, WhiteSand developed the cross-functional and integrated project plans necessary to manage budgets, timelines, and vendors for the opening process. WhiteSand supported those plans with mature “Best Practices” project management skills designed to get the job done on-time and on-budget. WhiteSand worked hand-in-hand with vendors to ensure that the systems and applications delivered were aligned with the casino’s customer and business process needs. They also liaised between vendors to ensure that all systems were properly integrated and fully tested well before opening. Finally, WhiteSand designed an IT organization with the depth and breadth needed to support the environment in a cost effective and sustainable manner for day-to-day operations after opening.


Through WhiteSand’s contribution to the opening effort and its collaborative approach, the property’s opening was hailed as one of the best in gaming history. More importantly, this property was able to weather the economic meltdown of 2008 with industry leading profits due in part to laying a “Built-to-Last” foundation of people, technology and processes.