Organizational Study

A Large Gaming Corporation in Las Vegas


In order to potentially reduce costs and increase efficiency, these casinos wanted to review their organizational structure to determine if staffing levels and salaries were appropriate.


WhiteSand collected data about the staffing levels including organizational charts, salary and benefits costs, filled and open positions. WhiteSand also gathered information about efficiency through payroll reports, customer surveys and employee surveys. This data was used to analyze the current operation and identify specific departments that were over or under-staffed, employees that were compensated outside of fair and traditional ranges, and departments that were not meeting customer service expectations.

WhiteSand compared this data to similar sized casinos in their peer group to determine how they compared (i.e., were they staffed higher, lower, or about the same) and correlated staffing levels to financial performance and customer service.


WhiteSand created a report that made specific recommendations for reducing staff in some departments, increasing it in others, and changes to salaries and staff levels across many departments. We also made recommendations for improving customer service and reducing staff overtime. WhiteSand provided a review of job descriptions and many were re-written to be more fairly measured. This resulted in a significant cost reduction and not surprisingly, an increase in customer service levels.