Operations Assessment

WhiteSand has conducted numerous assessments to review and analyze the operating performance of casino resorts.  Some of these efforts have targeted specific areas such as marketing or hotel operations, while many focus on the entire operation from top to bottom.  WhiteSand uses a pragmatic approach to gathering information, interviewing key personnel, observing operations, analyzing data, conducting peer reviews and developing recommendations for improvement.

Organizational Studies

The right organizational structure will largely impact the success and operating efficiency of a casino operation. WhiteSand’s experience working with casinos of all sizes allows us to provide clients actionable recommendations to create effective and efficient organizations.  Some of our organizational consulting services include:

  • Organizational structure development;
  • Staffing and salary levels;
  • Job requirements;
  • Regulatory compliance; and
  • Efficiency analyses.

Hotel and Resort Operations

As revenue generation continues to shift from casino to non-casino profit centers, the importance of the hotel and resort has grown significantly in the gaming industry. WhiteSand has a dedicated team that specializes in the creation and operation of successful hospitality properties. We take a holistic approach to the hotel operation, analyzing the guest experience from when they book the room until after they leave the property, focusing on all aspects of hotel operations, including reservations, front desk, housekeeping, spa, retail, bell services, parking, room service, public areas, and facilities.

Food and Beverage

Casino resort guests often look to food and beverage offerings as a driving factor in determining which casino they will visit. WhiteSand has experience in conceptualizing, developing and repositioning food and beverage products ranging from high-end, five-star dining concepts to quick-service outlets. Our services include concept development, menu analysis and makeover, operational reviews, service standards and service culture development, facilities design, and food & beverage systems.

Revenue Management

WhiteSand offers services designed to help you assess, design and implement effective revenue management strategies that directly benefit their bottom line while providing better knowledge of customer segmentation and price tolerance, more accurate forecasting, and effective third-party distribution. Our services include revenue management assessments to determine the effectiveness of current revenue management policies where we review demand forecasting, inventory controls, user interaction with RM systems, price elasticity modeling, decision-design regarding pricing, discounting and overbooking, cross-channel sales practice, and discounts and promotions.

Service Level Standards

Providing consistent service levels across all customer touch points is impossible without realistic, measurable service level standards. WhiteSand’s experience working with a diverse set of organizations around the world has provided us with the ability to evaluate a property’s success both quantitatively and qualitatively via our measurement programs and develop appropriate service level standards for that property. Key aspects of the program include:

  • Identifying customer touch points;
  • Developing realistic customer service standards;
  • Incorporating measurement criteria into the employee review process;
  • Implementing secret shopper programs;
  • Conducting customer surveys;
  • Developing training programs.

Marketing Plans

WhiteSand has assisted our clients in the creation of comprehensive marketing plans that provide a solid operating framework for the organization’s activities. Having worked with over 75 different clients throughout the world provides a unique perspective as we guide clients through the marketing planning process.  WhiteSand addresses each key component of the marketing plan including:

  • Research;
  • Segmentation;
  • Objectives and strategies;
  • Financial/budget analysis;
  • Program development;
  • Advertising;
  • Campaign development and analysis;
  • Program profit analysis;
  • Promotions;
  • Internet Marketing;
  • Internet gaming;
  • Social media marketing;
  • Cross marketing; and
  • Direct marketing.

Loyalty Programs

A properly managed loyalty program can cultivate patrons and incent players to visit more often, stay longer, and spend more.  WhiteSand has participated in the creation of new, and the reinvention of old, loyalty programs at casinos in both destination markets and regional markets.  WhiteSand analyzes and provides recommendations of key components of the program, including:

  • Tiers/levels (number, criteria, etc.);
  • Reinvestment levels/profitability analysis.
  • Corresponding privileges and rewards;
  • Technology requirements;
  • Analytical software;
  • Staffing requirements; and
  • Implementation and transition plan.