Recognizing that in the gaming industry most operational decisions have a regulatory compliance component, WhiteSand has formalized its regulatory advisory service offerings.  All of our team members have extensive senior level operational, technical and regulatory experience and a proven track record in designing, adapting and implementing regulatory procedures as well as all aspects of regulatory compliance

Existing and Emerging Jurisdictions

Whether working with an emerging or existing jurisdiction, WhiteSand never loses sight of the fact that each regulating entity is subject to unique requirements and that procedures, methods and regulatory interpretations that are effective in one jurisdiction may not applicable in another.  Our focus is on ensuring that clients understand the options in regulatory approach realistically available to them and how each choice impacts financial and operational integrity as well as the ability of the jurisdiction to attract and maintain investment.  WhiteSand is well positioned to assist with all aspects of the development, implementation or refocusing of a regulatory approach including:

  • Licensing
  • Minimum accounting and internal controls standards
  • IT department internal controls
  • Central control computer system protocols
  • Security and surveillance
  • Technical standards for all forms of electronic gaming equipment including slot machines, VLTs, casino management systems, bonusing systems and other peripherals
  • Rules of the games
  • Credit and financial transaction reporting requirements
  • Responsible gaming and exclusion programs
  • Regulating entity organizational structure and staffing
  • Executive recruiting
  • Training

Developers and Operators

WhiteSand is equally well suited to assist developers and operators in meeting all regulatory prerequisites to commencement of operations or full implementation of new systems or upgrades.  Both pre-opening compliance and system implementation support expertise are unique skill sets most cost effectively retained through a consulting arrangement.  Our team members have experience in the regulatory requirements of a vast array of jurisdictions and have direct property development experience.  As such, WhiteSand is equipped to expeditiously and cost effectively prepare on a client’s behalf, or to assist a client’s management team in preparing, all submissions, compliance demonstrations and employee training materials prerequisite to commencement of operations or the implementation of new products.