Feasibility and Market Demand Studies

WhiteSand can help determine if a project is viable through our feasibility and market demand studies.  In conducting these studies, we compile extensive research including micro- and macro-economic trends, customer demographics, regional trends, future plans, competition, project size, and capacity. Once analyzed, these factors, along with the associated financial projections for the project, allow clients to consider what the market will yield based on the project’s parameters, as well as the associated return on investment required to complete the project.

WhiteSand’s feasibility studies have helped large multinational gaming corporations as well as smaller start-up development groups in determining the likelihood of success for new developments and expansion projects. Our studies evaluate a variety of factors including proposed size, customer demographics, national and local economic trends, master development plans, and the anticipated competitive landscape. In addition, our consultants have specific expertise in preparing detailed financial projections and budgets for new casino resorts. These financial documents encompass all operating departments including casino, hotel, food and beverage, entertainment, spa, and other amenities.

Financial Projections

WhiteSand develops detailed financial projections for planned casino projects and existing operations as a benchmark for the properties’ viability.  WhiteSand utilizes relevant data, primary and secondary research, peer group performance, market trends, competition, and resort amenities to fine tune financial projections. Additionally, we are often tasked with validating internal or third-party financial projections. These projections have often been used to secure financing and approval for projects under consideration.

Competitive Analysis

WhiteSand helps clients understand the current and future competitive landscape through our competitive analysis studies. We focus on essential data points including gaming revenue, marketing strategies, target market, location, physical structure, management team, economic trends, regulatory environment, and planned development while highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of those properties to determine the strength of the market and the target casino’s current rank and future position. This analysis provides a strategic framework to identify threats and opportunities and to develop appropriate action plans.

Market Research

WhiteSand Gaming has been involved in designing and executing key research studies for gaming and hospitality clients for many years. This work has ranged from highly unique, custom projects to the development of “off-the-shelf” research solutions that are implemented by companies seeking affordable marketing information.

Examples of our research include:

  • Competitive market assessments/market studies;
  • Market potential estimates for new products and new casinos;
  • Customer satisfaction measurement;
  • Marketing strategy development;
  • Product concept testing;
  • Marketing communications evaluations;
  • Casino operations;
  • Service quality;
  • Marketing loyalty-card programs;
  • Employee satisfaction;
  • Focus groups; and
  • Customer profiles.